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A divorced woman’s perceptions of her controlling ex-husband shift radically when she establishes a new bond with him following his death in this debut memoir... A skillfully written, thought-provoking account that positively reconsiders an antagonist as an important teacher.” 

Kirkus Reviews  

“What if you accidentally married your worst enemy? With unflinching honesty and hard-earned grace, Kirsten Mickelwait peels the shiny façade off her catastrophic marriage to reveal not only how she survived the lies, betrayals, and lawsuits, but found her way to compassion. If you don’t think on your ex fondly, The Ghost Marriage will teach you why you should.” 

Meredith May, author of
The Honey Bus and
Loving Edie

“With The Ghost Marriage, Kirsten Mickelwait—in bracing, unsentimental prose—brings us in close to the disturbing history of her troubled marriage. It’s abundantly satisfying to watch her move through each crisis toward new compassion—for herself, but also for her deceased ex-husband.” 

Angela Pneuman, author of Lay It on My Heart and Home Remedies

The Ghost Marriage is an absorbing tale about what happens when you marry Prince Charming and the expected ‘Happily Ever After’ erodes into a kind of ‘Cursed Ever After.’ It’s a story of survival, of adjusted ambition, of how to be quick on your feet when your daily foundation crumbles in midlife.” 

Julia Scheeres, author of Jesusland and

A Thousand Lives

“By turns hilarious, lyrical, suspenseful, and touching, Kirsten Mickelwait’s memoir pulls us into the whirlpool of her unique marriage—then spits us out into the dazzling light of what that marriage came to mean. Supremely well-written, and with a captivating honesty.”

Veronica Chater, author of 

Waiting for the Apocalypse: A Memoir of Faith and Family

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